AAA Apex has been providing homeowners, just like you, with quality chimney services. Our experts are dedicated to providing you the absolute best and strive to make you, your family, and your home safe from house fires and water damage caused by a malfunctioning chimney.

Creosote, the black or brown residue of combustion that collects on the inner surfaces of a chimney flue liner, is highly flammable. If allowed to build up, it can catch fire, causing cracks in "fireproof" brick, stone or clay flue liners and allow heat to reach nearby wood framing and other combustible materials in your home. A dirty chimney is the cause of many house fires each year.

Our Business Goal

Our business goal is to make sure our customers are not exposed to a dirty chimney which causes carbon monoxide leaks into the home. The purpose of the annual cleanings, of either fireplace sweeps or furnace/boiler and hotwater heater chimneys is to free them from obstruction or build up or animal nesting.

Chimney Repair

If not addressed properly chimney damage starts small but can lead to extensive problems


If you are considering adding a fireplace to your main room or smaller rooms AAA Apex professionals will make sure to create great zone heating

Chimney Sweeps&Inspections

It is always important to get a chimney sweep to prevent damage and determine if your home needs chimney repair.

Benefits Of Chimney Cleaning

As all of the smoke and soot created in a fireplace exits through the chimney, it is essential to ensure that it stays clean. Discover these important benefits of chimney cleaning and you will be able to keep your home and family safe.