We partner with you to develop a collaborative relationship, understanding your needs, working within your budget and being here to assist year-round. Our services aren’t limited to asphalt and concrete – we do it all, from preventative maintenance to structural reconstruction.

We offer a wide variety of services from residential driveways to commercial parking lots and private roads. AAA Apex strives to provide paved surfaces that enhances the beauty of your property and offers routine maintenance and repair services that extend the life expectancy of the pavement.

What sets AAA Apex apart?

AAA Apex is a family owned business. We have been operating in the New Jersey area for over 15 years. AAA Apex provides business owners with sustainable commercial work ranging from concrete steps to newly paved parking lots. Our project specialist evaluate each job on the basis of what YOUR needs are, provide input, then propose the highest quality, most cost effective solutions to your business’s needs.

Pavement Maintenance & Repair

Whether you need crack filling, sealcoating, pothole repair, parking lot striping or paving, experts at AAA Apex will make sure your driveway or parking lot creates a great first impression – clean, smooth, and attractive.

Reliable, Affordable & Quality Work

Let us help you save money in the long run through regular, proper maintenance of your driveway or parking lot

Licence & Insured

AAA Apex is a licensed paving contractor with the State of New Jersey.

Paving Services

AAA Apex is not just about servicing asphalt and concrete; we develop client relationships. We never accept shortcuts or compromises when it comes to the quality of our work.