Without a reliable basement waterproofing system, your home is susceptible to water damage from a leaky basement. This can happen whether you have leaks from cracks in your basement walls or simply from moisture that accumulates underneath your basement floors. Don’t let water in your basement threaten your home’s stability or value — invest in basement waterproofing from the experts at AAA Apex and protect your home.

AAA Apex has been waterproofing basements throughout New Jersey since 2007. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We offer our Minimal Dust Waterproofing service that keeps your house clean while we install your interior drainage systems. We also offer a lifetime guarantee that promises client satisfaction. Call today for a free estimate.

What Causes Water in Your Basement?

To understand the best waterproofing solution for your home, you should first understand the causes of basement moisture. Unfortunately, there are seemingly endless ways that water can find its way into a home, causing structural damage and headaches for homeowners. With that being said, each problem has a solution. Apex offers New Jersey basement waterproofing and drainage services to solve each of the following causes of water in basements:

Fast, Friendly Service

Our experienced crews work quickly so you can reclaim your basement living space

Clean & Professional

We use care to keep dust to a minimum and maintain the cleanliness of your home.

High Quality Work

We engineer each of our waterproofing solutions to the unique needs of our clients.

Warning Signs of Moisture Problems:

Spotting basement water problems early can prevent damage from becoming worse and having to conduct in-depth wall repair. Here are a few warning signs that you might be dealing with moisture problems in your basement: